Friday, August 11, 2017

Meet BARBARA BLANKS from Hinterlands Chapter

When asked why she joined UTSPS, Barbara Blanks who lives in Texas says:... partly for the contests, but mostly because I was interested in what poets in other states were writing. Poetry attitudes vary across the country, and across the ages of members--and so many other things. Even though I read a lot of "famous" poets, I felt limited by the kind of poetry I was reading by Poetry Society of Texas (PST) members. I wanted more. Poetry didn't become my passion until about ten years ago. I've learned I love the challenge of writing to forms, writing to themes--just writing poetry. I tend to be obsessive about anything that really interests me, and poetry satisfies my need to be creative.  Barbara is the Recording Secretary and Librarian for PST, as well as president/editor of A Galaxy of Verse. Not only is she an at-large member of USPS, but thanks to our wonderful Margaret Pettis, she is now also a member of the Hinterlands Chapter that meets only online.  Barb is the author of four books, co-author of one. See for a list of her many accomplishments and books published.

by Barbara Blanks

He was a boy with wings
who ran full tilt
into everything he did,
saying he soared because
he could park later.
He smiled at himself
in the mirror every day,
seeing the hope
of dreams to come, and
unwrapped each day
like an exciting gift.

Such a brief encounter with
unrestrained joy.  Somehow I lost it
or gave it away--maybe had it stolen
from me piecemeal, unnoticed.
I still search for that youth,
even knowing return is impossible.
Life is a spiral--not a circle.

And so, when I can't sleep, I throw off
the covers, raise my legs, and
“walk” on the ceiling. 
If I scrunch my eyes tight,
stars appear behind my lids.
I can at least pretend
I’ve learned to fly again.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


The National Federation of State Poetry Societies held their annual Summer Conference in Fort Worth, Texas last month. Many of our UTSPS poets entered their contest and won the following awards:

Wm Asplund-1HM; Christie Cook 4HM, 5HM; Barbara Blanks-1st, 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 4HM; Louise Cook-1st, 2HM, 3HM, 7HM; Robert Davis 1HM; Geraldine  Felt 3HM; Candy Lish Fowler-1st, 2nd, 2HM,  3HM; Barbara Funke-1st, 1st, 2nd, 4HM; Maurine Haltner-1HM, 2HM, 2HM; Lorraine Jeffrey-2HM, 5HM, 7HM; Grace Diane Jesson  1HM, 5HM, 5HM, 6HM, 6HM; Anita Krotz 2nd, 3rd, 1HM, 4HM, 5HM; Kolette Montague 2nd,  3rd, 1HM, 2HM, 5HM, 5HM, 7HM; Patricia Peterson-4HM, 5HM; Eric Read-1st; Jon Sebba 3rd,  2HM, 4HM; and Clarence Socwell   2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 1HM, 1HM, 4HM.

A TOTAL of 53 awards and competition was tough. Let me know if I missed anyone or any awards and I'll update this. Congrats to all who submitted. Next year’s conference will be in Denver, Colorado. See link Strophes for details and list of contest winners. I plan to submit and attend next year. Sounds like so much fun.