Friday, April 7, 2017

Meet RAVEN CHIONG-Willow Winds Chapter President

Raven Chiong’s latest adventure is serving as the inaugural President of Willow Wind Poets started in January 2017 in Kanab. “Willow” is a nod to the Southern Paiute place name for Kanab meaning “place of willows” and “Wind” signifies our breath on paper.  They meet twice a month at the Kanab City Library. Raven has been putting pen to paper for as long as she can remember.  First and foremost, she is a letter writer, dating back to her childhood when she was a pen pal with her absent mother.  Her morning pages (three pages of handwritten free writing suggested by Julia Cameron-author of "The Artist's Way") are her non-negotiable daily spiritual practice and she has remained dedicated to them for nearly 13 years and counting!  Thanks Raven for your enthusiasm.
There’s Something to be Said…
(To the people of Little Willow)

There’s something to be said…
Go, step into the long lost well of sacred silence.  With courage, dive, free and deep into Oceans of open space, listen to your own Voice, follow your own drum.

There’s something to be said…
above the din of “progress”, above the cacophony of Other.
Dry Grasses beckon, Ancient Canyons echo with no syllable or rhyme: 
Disconnect, unplug, return to Earth Mother, come Home, weary traveler, to your Self. 
Attune to the Place where symphony of Cottonwoods meets sweet silence of Sage, where Rocks speak, Rivers sing, and Shooting Stars have Voices.

There’s something to be said…
Who’s resonating?
Who’s calling?
There’s something to be said…
Are you listening?
Can you hear?

There’s something to be said…
Only the Dreamer, Awake, can say.