Friday, February 26, 2016

Support our SCHOOLS

POETRY OUT LOUD participants in Southern Utah
Part of our PURPOSE in joining Utah State Poetry Society is to further the love of poetry in our communities. One important way of doing this is to be a RESOURCE to your local school district. Select someone from your chapter to be a liaison to your school district. A simple phone call can help you get started on this task.

Six years ago, I started with a proposal for a Youth Poetry Contest sponsored by our Dixie Poets chapter in the Washington County School District. It took awhile to find the right person to talk to in the district. Her assignment on the District level was for outreach and Gifted and Talented Students. With this contact I had permission and access to sending out emails, brochures and getting the support of the district for my proposed contest now in it's sixth year with over 400 students participating from 1st to 12th grades and with prizes donated by the local community. Winners and their teachers are scholarshipped to our annual UTSPS Poetry in the Park.

Another way to create interest in poetry in tHe schools is to VOLUNTEER as judges for English Quest or Poetry Out Loud which is a national program to recognize talented students who read aloud established poets' works with the opportunity to win scholarships if they win on the national level and if they win statewide hundreds of dollars of poetry books for their individual schools. Dixie Chapter in St. George participated this weekend in Southern Utah's competition with seven students competing. It was fun and thrilling to see young people so involved in poetry.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Why do we have a UTSPS blog?  To spotlight our talented poets BUT it won't happen without your HELP. Anyone who is a paid member of our organization can submit a poem, photo and short bio. Our blog has been going for 10 months now or for a total of 51 posts BUT I've run out of volunteers. PLEASE send me something today to floyd at sunrivertoday dot com. We want to recognize all the talented individuals we have in our organization and encourage others to join us.

Friday, February 12, 2016

It's not too late-come to Dixie for UTSPS poetry workshops

Attendees at last year's Poetry in the Park 2015 in Zion Park

It's coming up soon...Mar 3-5, 2016 in Southern Utah where the spring temperatures continue with weather in the 70 degrees this week, clean air and sunshine. You deserve a weekend surrounded in warmth and the beauty of this redrock paradise. Deadline for Redrock Seminar early bird special has been extended to Feb 20th, and Poetry in the Park offers a special rate for UTSPS members of $48 so combined with the Redrock Seminar's discount of $50, you can enjoy a fun weekend attending our SPRING FESTIVAL of LITERARY ARTS for $98 plus lodging and travel. Dixie is the place to be this tme of year. More info on and

Friday, February 5, 2016

Meet JULIE BOE-new member of Dixie Poets

Julie was born and raised in Kirkland, Washington, but she has lived all over the USA. She graduated from Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, WA. She and her husband moved to Santa Clara, UT in August of 2014. Writing has always been one of her deepest passions. She feels that there is something especially magical about poetry. People she has known and the places where she has lived are the inspirations for her writing. Julie joined UTSPS chapter Dixie Poets and Heritage Writers Guild not long after arriving in Utah.  "There are some incredibly talented and gifted writers in both of these groups. I feel fortunate to be a part of them. We are always happy to have guests at our meetings, and we are even happier when they choose to become members. Utah is a great place for writers of all genres!" 

                   MS MARGO

Where, when did our friendship begin.
We spoke in rain and gusting wind.
From the start she was special to me.
Meet at The Market for coffee or tea?
There was laughter in her fragile eyes,
   subtle rays of silver and light.
Never complained, never a woe.
A Crocus poking through the snow,
   her precious petals smooth and sweet.
The slow and steady shuffle of her feet.
 Enchanting smile, gleaming wide,
   her arms willowy at her sides.
These visions go with me,
    forever to see
    the beauties of my treasured friend:
 Margo, a timeless tale without end.

Julie Randall Boe, April 2014 --- For The Poet Margo Huth