Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Meet CLAUDIA BRESCIA from WIllow Wind Poets

Meet  Claudia Brescia who is a member of our new chapter Willow Wind Poets in Kanab. I asked her how she got involved in poetry and she said:  I started out writing poetry in the 80's when I read a poetry journal that asked questions at the end of it. One of the questions was,” What is getting in your way of writing poetry?” A simple and profound question. In thinking about it, I could not find one thing in the way, so I sat down and wrote my first poem. It was fun, it released my wonder at the world, gave me a place to put my thoughts out there to have a look at them from a different angle. It also gave me a place for all of my swirling emotions and deep thoughts. 

Three of those early poems were published and that encouraged me to keep writing. I joined the UTSPS because I love being with other people who share the passion for writing poetry. A wide and varied group of people, deep in thought and open to their emotions. I have read out loud at the Invocation for the Earthfest in Kanab, Utah on two occasions, with my twin sister, Lydia. I am a massage therapist and silversmith. 


Clearin out time
n I'm doin a big spring cleanin-not my house, mind you--
the harder one, the house of my spirit!
Got a little dust built up, little cobwebs in the corners,
little rust on the heartstrings, some of em even broke.....
scrubbed em up with some ooo steel wool.
The luster in the eyes needed a good shine,
Skin haggard, had to get buffed n tanned,
Brain was shriveled n shrunken n confused,
that had to be washed, wrung, n hung out in a stiff wind,
pinned tightly to make sure it didn't just fly right on away.
Outlook was rough round the edges, n had to be trimmed to within
an inch of its own life.
Happiness was a hit or miss proposition
so took that to some of my friends for restuffin.
Love-o-meter needed fine tunin so found
a man to ring my chimes.
Energy needed a lift, so got doused in a nearby swollen,
singin, dancin, roarin river for fillin-
So far, that's all I done....
Big plans ahead!!!!