Friday, June 19, 2015

Meet Kolette Montague-President of Rhyme and Reason

UTSPS conference attendees April 2015 at the Homestead in Heber
Kolette Montague was born and raised in Payson, Utah. She has lived in Centerville with her husband for the past several years. They raised their three daughters there and now have five grandkids. She has been an active member of UTSPS for over 30 years. In 2000, her book, Easing Into Light won UTSPS's book of the year. She has also published a gentile bestiary, Chanting the Moon and Other Tales. She believes poetry delights the ear, blesses the heart and heals the soul, and that writing poetry is a fascinating challenge.

Along with her state society positions of Contest Chair and Finance Committee Chair, Kolette is president of the Rhyme & Reason Chapter who meets once a month in Bountiful. Their small but diverse group continues to encourage and support each other in their poetry writing efforts. New members welcome. Click here for more info.

the loon at sunset         
calls across the purple pond           
his echo answers
                   by Kolette Montague


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