Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet LOUISE COOK, UTSPS Hospitality Chair

Louise Cook was born, raised, and educated in Evanston, Wyoming. She tells us…the small town atmosphere was wonderfully conducive to freedom in my childhood. I enjoyed good neighbors and a great life. After attending BYU where I received my bachelor's degree in education with a minor in history. I married DeLynn Cook, a rancher out by Flaming Gorge, We had five children, making our home in Sandy, Utah. My husband died in 2010. I stay busy doing church work, family history, gardening, writing poetry, and reading. I have also been writing a book about my grandparents and their children and their ancestors

I am a member of Valley Winds-UTSPS Chapter in Salt Lake City. My daughter Crystie got me started in poetry in 2009 by convincing me to enter the beginners category of UTSPS’s annual contest. I won and found I enjoyed the creativity of writing. I have been hospitality officer for several years along with Marney Zambrano, and last year I helped arrange for the judges for the 2015 Poetry Festival. I think the UTSPS group has wonderful poets who are very nice people!

Isaiah 8:8 And the stretching out of his wings
shall fill the breadth of thy land...

I buy the world at takeoff.
Sun whispers on trees, outlines mountains.
Ground flashes like 16mm film on fast reel.
I smile and laugh as I scrape the heavens.

Freedom! I bank, I glide, I arch
to horizons and beyond, explore glory,
reach zeniths, slice space,
my companions eagles, hawks.

I ponder cloud tops bumpy like oatmeal bubbles,
zip through wisps leaving dew
on my eyelids, kisses from God.
My ear and cheek caressed
by breezes, I soar to bliss.

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  1. Louise left out the MONUMENTAL hours of effort she and Crystie put in towards making the 2014 NFSPS Convention happen. Not only did they handle way more than their share of behind-the-scenes registration and hospitality committee assignments with their customary finesse and attention to detail, but they also made sure that our guests received top-notch service at the hospitality/registration desk during the event itself. Kudos to them for their hard work as well as their enviable poetic contributions and accomplishments!


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