Friday, November 13, 2015

Meet JUDY JOHNS of Ben Lomond Poets Chapter

Judy tells us…”I began writing poetry as a child.  A famous poet once said, ‘All people are born poets. It is not surprising that some people continue writing their whole lives. What is surprising is that so many people have stopped.’ I have always been grateful that I have been able to write my whole life.” Born in Massachusestts, and living in Utah since 1985, Judy joined the UTSPS in the early 90s and was named Utah Poet of the Year in 2003 for her book of poems titled If I could Speak in Silk. In 2004, the same book was awarded the title Best in State in Literature.
A retired college English instructor, Judy also has been a newspaper reporter and free lance writer with articles published in popular magazines. She has two romance novels published with Wildrose Press. These two books as well as her poetry book are available on She serves as the UTSPS Venue Chair for the Poet of the Year presentation, and the Critique Bureau representative. UTSPS members are encouraged to send up to 12 poems (four at a time) a year by email to for personal critique and suggestions on improving your poetry. Also for a fee of $20 a collection of poetry can be critiqued, if you are a paid member. All funds are donated to UTSPS.

Closet Addict      

No one looking at my neutral skirts, shirts and
business  jackets,
would  believe I was anything  but a respectable
Republican grandmother.
But in my heart I am Fergie,
the hip hop rapper, lead singer
of the Black Eyed Peas.
Like a closet addict
I play the CDs in my car alone ,
or with the fifteen- year- old granddaughter
responsible for my addiction.
We cruise down  I- 15 singing, “I’ve gotta feeling”
with the music in the illegal decibel range.
And for the space of the ride, I am 15 again.

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