Friday, February 5, 2016

Meet JULIE BOE-new member of Dixie Poets

Julie was born and raised in Kirkland, Washington, but she has lived all over the USA. She graduated from Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, WA. She and her husband moved to Santa Clara, UT in August of 2014. Writing has always been one of her deepest passions. She feels that there is something especially magical about poetry. People she has known and the places where she has lived are the inspirations for her writing. Julie joined UTSPS chapter Dixie Poets and Heritage Writers Guild not long after arriving in Utah.  "There are some incredibly talented and gifted writers in both of these groups. I feel fortunate to be a part of them. We are always happy to have guests at our meetings, and we are even happier when they choose to become members. Utah is a great place for writers of all genres!" 

                   MS MARGO

Where, when did our friendship begin.
We spoke in rain and gusting wind.
From the start she was special to me.
Meet at The Market for coffee or tea?
There was laughter in her fragile eyes,
   subtle rays of silver and light.
Never complained, never a woe.
A Crocus poking through the snow,
   her precious petals smooth and sweet.
The slow and steady shuffle of her feet.
 Enchanting smile, gleaming wide,
   her arms willowy at her sides.
These visions go with me,
    forever to see
    the beauties of my treasured friend:
 Margo, a timeless tale without end.

Julie Randall Boe, April 2014 --- For The Poet Margo Huth                    

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