Friday, March 4, 2016

Meet ROGER BAKER––UTSPS member from Tooele

A Utah grad student couple brought Roger Evans Baker into the world while living in São Paulo, Brazil. Roger and his five siblings were raised in East Brunswick, New Jersey.  Later he earned his BA in English at Brigham Young University, along with a minor in Portuguese.  There his professors sowed the seeds of a love of poetry.  Following law school at BYU, Roger returned to Portugal where he studied international law as a Fulbright scholar.  In 1993 He went to work as a criminal prosecutor for Tooele City, Utah, and continues today in the position of City Attorney. In his free time, Roger rears children (7), raises chickens, walks Erda’s farm-flanked roads, reads, and writes the occasional poem. Roger’s current project is the book Rabbit Lane: Memoir of a Country Road, serialized in 50 chapters at  The book tells the story of a humble dirt country road, its origins, its human history, its nature, and its ability to bring enlightenment, peace, and even healing to those who mindfully walk it.  Also on his website are many of his poems, songs, and woodworking projects.


the small
the hidden
the barely seen

what brings joy
what stretches
what teaches

a brush with the senses
an immersion
a whisper


my desire to forgive
my yearning to touch another
my love

your forgiveness
your reaching toward
your love

a butterfly's artwork wings
a bird's song
a giggling brook

fog hovering pink under sunrise
antlers, alert, twisting above brush
owl's soundless flight

your whisper
your touch

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