Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Meet GARY CHRISTIAN-Dixie Poet Pioneer

Gary Christian, originally from Raymond, Alberta, Canada, is a retired attorney who practiced law forty years in Salt Lake City but now spends most of his time knee-deep in poetry. He along with LaVerna Johnson and others developed the Redrock Writers Seminar back in 1997 at Tuachan as well as the Chaparral Poetry Contest and Poetry in the Park now in its 7th year at Zion Park. Presently he serves as secretary of Dixie Poets, a Chapter of Utah State Poetry Society in St. George, and writes to his heart’s content
Train to Sunrise  
Evening spreads its stillness
on the prairie. Shadows roost
upon the ledges of the night
when it is ten o’clock.

The moon hangs heavy in the sky,
light spurts along the railroad tracks
in silver streaks
to guide the evening train.

Its wail laments a lonely passage
through the hours.
Its flaring beam burns holes
into the darkness.

It calls me from
the soft embrace of slumber
but will not wait and goes alone
into the empty gloom.
D. Gary Christian 

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