Monday, September 28, 2015


For its second volume in the “Poetry of the American Southwest” series, Dos Gatos Press is looking for well-crafted poems written in the persona of individuals associated with the Southwest region of the United States, poems that demonstrate a strong connection to the land, history, and/or culture of the region. For our purposes, the Southwest includes all of New Mexico and Arizona, as well as Texas west of the Balcones Fault Line, western Oklahoma, southwestern Kansas, southern Colorado and Utah, and the desert portions of southern California. When we think of the Southwest, we think of climate and landscape. The climate is arid, with low annual rainfall, the landscape marked by cacti and other drought-tolerant plants. 

Individuals can be famous, infamous, or relatively unknown; historical figures or characters from documented myth or folklore; living or dead. We are looking for a wide spectrum that touches upon the rich heritage of the Southwest and crosses races and genders—pioneers, tribal chiefs, artists, vaqueros, homesteaders, ranchers, explorers, lawmen, outlaws, entrepreneurs, preachers, curanderas, etc. While there is room for the well-known—Geronimo, O’Keeffe, La Llorona, Esteban, Kit Carson, etc.—we would very much like to see poems in the persona of those less known, people like Chester Nez, Bill Pickett, Willie Velasquez, Hoodoo Brown, LaDonna Harris, Henry Trust, etc.. Surprise us! Teach us about someone forgotten in the stubble of history.

For additional information, see the Dos Gatos Press website: or contact Scott Wiggerman at editors@dosgatopress.orgSubmissions open through Nov. 30, 2015. No fees.

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