Friday, September 11, 2015


1. Publicity-let people in your community know your chapter exists 
a. List monthly meetings in your local newspapers, calendars.
b. Poster or flyers distributed to local Senior Citizen centers, colleges, etc.
c. Press releases about your chapter’s accomplishments-awards, service, etc in local papers and in our Poet Tree. Start or keep up a chapters website, see
d. Media blitz-articles throughout the state, TV non profit spots, etc. October is statewide Book Festival, Oct 8 is Natl. Poetry day and April is Natl. Poetry Month.

2. Personal invites to a meeting are MOST EFFECTIVE. Reach out.

3. COMMUNITY SERVICE-monthly poetry readings in bookstores, Sr. Centers or rest homes, schools, etc. CONTESTS to create interest.

4. Participate online
a. UTSPS’s blog doing spotlights on members with a short bio, photo and poem
b. UTSPS’s website up to date news and calendar 
c. our Facebook page with interactive comments and links 

5. SUPPORT UTSPS by attending yearly conferences, workshops and Poetry in the Park, see and Redrock Seminar, see

6. VOLUNTEER to be an officer, we need you! Many positions are not filled. Contact UTSPS President Dawnell Griffin

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