Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Farewell to MAXINE SHREVE...

Maxine Shreve of the Rhyme and Reason chapter, 92 years old, passed away peacefully in her sleep Oct. 25. There will be no funeral or memorial service. However anyone who would like can contribute money to the Maxine Shreve Memorial category for the UTSPS 2017 contest. Please make out the check to UTSPS and mail it to Kolette Montague. (Address in the yearly directory.)  Maxine was a long-time member of the Utah State Poetry Society and was one of the first people most of us met when coming into the group. She was a beautiful person and an ambassador for poetry in many ways. We will miss her sweet presence in our chapter meetings.

Can Wind Recall?
Maxine Croft Shreve

Can cold ashes nourish a flame
can clouds withdraw one drop of rain
can the tree reclaim one leaf, dried
can the eye unshed one tear, cried
can lips unspeak one word, spoken
can wishes mend a promise broken
can wind recall even one blow

can what my heart knows, unknow?

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