Friday, October 9, 2015

Meet Rosalyn Ostler, Past UTSPS President

Rosalyn Ostler, member of Valley Winds chapter in Salt Lake City, born in Phoenix, grew up in Missouri, loves Utah. She and husband Robert have a large family. Her book, Walking the Earth Barefoot, won publication (after numerous tries), making her UTSPS 2010 Poet of the Year.  Rose says membership and activity in UTSPS have refined and strengthened her writing. While working for success with the book manuscript, she received many awards on single poems and learned the value of friendly critiques and continued effort. She is past president of UTSPS and continues as an officer working with membership and Panorama publication. She has many years’ service in Scouting, church, and community. Rose loves teaching kids and teens.
Iridescent Wings
My closest neighbor keeps her spotless rooms
in order that defies my skill; and yet
another friend from down the street perfumes
the air with gourmet dishes sure to whet
a weary appetite, while I make do
with simple recipes. And when I hear
the singer’s voice resounding freely through
her uninvited tears, my cavalier
intents to join the choir at church begin
to reel. Comparing often leaves me less
than best, and confidence becomes chagrin.
Then wisdom whispers this: she lacks finesse
of nightingales, but still the robin sings;
and even crows have iridescent wings.

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