Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Christmas Poem by Gary Christian

Santa’s Going High Tech
Santa’s going high tech on us. He’s wanted to for many years.
His sleigh’s in a museum.
The elves are fretting as it nears.
No more snowy December nights, no reindeer straddling the roofs,
no flu from riding in the cold,
no more reindeer’s injured hoofs.
He wanted something very quiet
so he could sneak both in and out,
and no one know that he was there, or even that he was about.
Something radar couldn’t detect, you know, with stealth technology.
Something he would not explain nor offer an apology.
He’ll still use elves to make the toys in his toy plant at the North Pole.
He thinks that still is viable,
well, anyway, that is his goal.
He might just hire them all part-time. That way he can avoid health care

or get a small business exemption. They’re doing that most everywhere.
He consulted with the government for help to get his project done.
He’s worked on it for many years out there in Area 51.
Boeing thought he should use drones but stay clear of Afghanistan.

There’s danger in those mid-East skies. That’s where the drone use all began.
He’s built a drone port at the Pole. I think it’s called the Poledrome
and sits at the console controls and guides deliveries to each home.
I guess he’ll call that Santa Air. The cost will not be quite as deer,
of course, the rain won’t bother him and he’ll avoid an aching ear

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