Friday, December 11, 2015

Meet BONNIE ANDERSON of Dixie Poets

Bonnie J. Anderson was born in Salt Lake city, Utah.  Graduated  college 1998. Retired Physical Therapist Assistant. Known by some as  a very old spirit. Deeply loves nature and animals. Dabbled in art and loves to paint with words.  Bonnie keeps busy with Dixie Poets' activities, the St George Book Festival, Heritage Writers Guild, and planning for the Spring Festival of Literary Arts-more on that next week on this blog. 

A Poem

Sometimes the written words 
are a release from your soul.   
Words have been a part 
of who you are, 
for all time and eternity.  
let words fall like stardust…
Hope rises like Fireflies, 
you have wings to fly.

1 comment:

  1. I put my words in rhym*ed verse, the better to perceive

    the strands of serendipity I happenstance to weave.

    I've dropped a word that shattered, but others bounce right back.

    The solid ones I do enjoy collecting in a stack.


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