Friday, January 8, 2016

Meet KARMA WASDEN from Dixie Poets

Karma Wasden was born in St. George, Utah. She and her sisters were reared by parents who loved words. Their mother would recite poetry for literally hours as she taught her daughters homemaking skills.  Karma began writing poetry when she was twelve.  She married her high school sweetheart,  and they reared their seven children in Idaho.  After her children were raised, Karma completed BA and MA degrees from BYU.  She and her husband returned to St. George in 1999 to help care for their aging parents. During that time they both taught as adjunct faculty at Dixie State College (now University). 


Grackles strut across hot asphalt
peck at refuse and edible crumbs,
epicures choosing morsels
from a gourmand's banquet table.

Cock yellow eyes, measure
which riff-raff to snub,
flick black tails, like rudders
held in glossy, mock salute.

Dash to popcorn spills like celebrities
who posture for press and public.

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