Friday, January 29, 2016

Meet Marilyn Richardson of Dixie Poets

A retired dance educator who moved to Southern Utah in 1994, Marilyn says. “Walking in the red dirt, reading and travel, all hold great appeal as does writing. My primary focus is writing books for children and YA and five of these are now available on kindle, with more to be added soon. She has served as President of the League of Utah Writers as well as the St. George Heritage Writers Guild chapter president three times. “I came to poetry because a friend needed a ride. Fellow poets were encouraging, so I do a little of that, too. I’ve heard that writers ought to concentrate on one genre, but I find I can’t do that.” Marilyn will be speaking at the Redrock Writers Seminar on March 5 in St. George. More info

By Marilyn W. Richardson
            With trembling fury
she paints the cloak and crown,
filling each fold and recess
with a sorceress’ fatal potion.

           Here, my husband, a gift for your new bride.
I, your barbarian wife, though cast aside,
accept my fate and flee to Aegeus in Athens.

           The enchantress, her spite hidden in fleece
           keeps eyes downcast lest Jason see her intent.

          When news comes of the fiery
death of the young bride to be,
Medea inhales her vengeance—
a woman scorned, engorged
with magical justice.
          Published in Utah Voices & Poetry on Canvas
An artistic annual, 2012

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