Friday, April 29, 2016

Meet ROBERT BROWN of Write On Chapter

Robert Lynn Brown spent most of his pre-college years on the family dairy farm/cattle ranch in So. Arizona, where he learned to love livestock, physical labor, and life.  He earned an MA degree in Spanish literature and linguistics from BYU. After teaching high school Spanish and English for 10 years in Arizona, he joined the Foreign Service of the US Information Agency and spent the next decade directing English teaching and cultural exchange programs for the US embassies in Iraq, Colombia, and Indonesia.  During this period, he also served intermittently as a traveling specialist in the teaching of English as a foreign language, directing seminars for local teachers in Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, and Vietnam.  He continued his 30-year Foreign Service career in diplomatic positions in Brazil, Mexico, and Nicaragua, plus a variety of administrative functions in Washington, DC, retiring in 1995. Eighteen of his poems have won recognition in church, state, and national competitions. In 2012 Robert published a 300-page book of poetry entitled RHYMES and REASON. He’s now a member of Word Weavers Chapter in Utah Valley.


The Morning Sun wakes up the Flowers,
the world and me.
It nudges night aside and give me light
so I can see.

The Blazing Noon-Time Sun can burn my skin
and scorch the desert sands.
But that same power provides the warmth
thbat every living things demands.

The Setting Sun brings respite
from my work and cares,
and fills the western skies with coloramas
quite beyond compare.

My Sun gives my day its warmth and light,
its birth,
and everything that grows, its flow.
Its tether also tends the orbit of my earth.

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