Friday, April 15, 2016

Meet SUE STEVENSON LETH from Utah's Red Rock Country

Sue Stevenson Leth has retired from two separate careers, one in higher education and one in private business.  She and her husband now live permanently in St. George, Utah, loving every blistering moment of summer, monsoon rains, brilliant blue skies, and especially the exquisite endangered specie, Bearclaw Poppy (arctomecon humilis) ripe to bloom at any given moment.

Sue is currently a member and contest clerk for UTSPS, a member of Dixie Poets, Redrock Writers and Co-President of Heritage Writers Guild, the red desert chapter of League of Utah Writers. Her poetry has appeared in Utah Sings, An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, and the Arizona State Poetry Society, Sandcutters chapbook. She wishes to thank her colleagues in the above mentioned organizations for their polite patient contribution as she endeavors to become a better poet.

Arctomecon Humilis

From the loins of parched hillsides,
an appointed bright green foilage
adorned with white jellied blossoms,
bakes beautiful in sterile ravines.   

Seeds spore to distend roots
that cling and claw the
crusty dry crevices
of barren desert reserve.

Counted and numbered,
tagged with entitlement,
I find rapture in the endangered
specie of the Bear-Claw Poppy. 

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