Monday, August 1, 2016

Meet VERA OGDEN BAKKER from Rhyme and Reason Chapter

Vera Ogden Bakker grew up in Utah. She taught elementary school  for  25+ years. After retirement, she started writing children's books and poetry, She joined UTSPS in 1989, serving as president of the Ben Lomond chapter, Rhyme and Reason chapter and the state organization plus as editor of NFSPS Strophes newsletter for two years. Active as the president of Wasatch Writers and League of Utah Writers and the Ogden branch and Utah chapter of Pen women, she currently lives in an assisted living center in Bountiful. Receiving many local, state and national awards, her latest poetry book Borrowed Breath is available at

At A Poetry Reading by Vera Ogden Bakker

Mike's poetry starts with a low hum. Then it
revs up, shifts gears and roars to life, emitting
syllables. He steers
you into your fears,
then stops, leaves you to find your own way out.

Sara's poetry flows smooth as warm honey,
Rhymes ripple in your ears, drip on your cheeks.
Rhythm distilled sounds
spill into rapids,
evaporate in a frothy whirlpool.

Harry's poetry quivers on a thin stem.
Each bud unfolds one petal at a time
to a lush bouquet
of color. The play
of pollen on the air makes your roots tremble.

Kendra's poetry speaks with a forked tongue.
Words slither sideways and sneak up on you
or strike you between
the eyes, hiss scale green,
rattle in her throat and constrict your heart.

Rob's poetry emerges from a chrysalis,
hovers just out of reach. Feelers luring,
it lands soft as light,
only to take flight
on gauzy wings beyond your frantic grasp.

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