Friday, May 29, 2015

Meet CINDY BECHTOLD-President of Write On

I met Cindy Bechtold when she took over the American Fork Arts Festival. It started in 2011 when poets were asked to submit their poems for local artists to use as inspiration for their art work and musical compositions. A program was held to display the results which were also published in a chapbook entitled: Utah Voices. Cindy continues giving leadership to Northern Utah county as president of the "Write On" chapter which meets the fourth Thursday of each month at her house. For more info click on:

Cindy says, "We always want new members, so spread the word to poetry people that we're here in northern Utah county.  We laugh a lot, share a lot, and have become friends.  I have had success in giving my group prompts or form poem assignments. I continue my week day "job" of tending my two grandsons ages seven and two. They're inspirational, challenging, and such a joy. I've decided to self-publish my short story memoir "Walking on Thin Water." My  husband is formatting it and working on the graphics. I also spend time water coloring and creating paper collage.

Chokecherries bubble on the burner
heating purple fruit shaded to black,
black as bears’ fur harvesting them in August. 
Along the river spot, we picked
healthy clusters—bounty in a bucket,
tree branches high as a giraffe’s neck. 

Their destiny—iron pot
through a white dish towel, “Tuesday”
embroidered in blue on the edge. 
Back on the burner—
purified juice,
dissolve, purple as a two-day-old bruise.
Scalded pint jar sits on a drip plate. 
Syrup builds from the spills, enough
to dip in a corner of bread, teasing taste
of waffles in winter, 
syrup enough  to fill every open square.

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