Sunday, May 3, 2015

Meet Dawnell Griffin-UTSPS President

Dawnell's a real fireball and a go-getter. I'm impressed with her commitment to furthering Utah State Poetry Society by expanding our reach across the state––forming new chapters and strengthening our outreach to young poets through contesting and working with local school districts.

She lives near the northernmost border of Utah, north of Logan in Cove near Lewiston in Cache County. That doesn't  stop her from traveling throughout the state to attend UTSPS events in Ogden, Centerville, Salt Lake City, Orem, Heber and even St. George. More details are available on UTSPS's website on how she became Poet of the Year 2012 for her prize winning poems published in On Judgement Day. See

CONVERSATIONS by Dawnell Griffin

Life, today, is a conversation,

you talking about the horses you love,
me listening to the boy who loves them.

Until today, I did  not know the difference

between a Missouri Fox Trotter
and a Florida Cracker, or how one gait
differs from another.

Big John is a half-draft, steady

and single-minded. Luna is flighty,
a one man horse, cantering
on long-term recollections.

Animation rekindles

your beautiful hazel eyes,
slow-burns a memory that
I know won't keep past a day.

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