Friday, May 22, 2015


Lin Floyd from Dixie Poets
Joining with other poets gives you the opportunity to share and develop your talents in using the written word to express your feelings about life. Making new friends at meetings, attending workshops, submitting your poetry for gentle critiques and encouragement will change your life. As for me, Lin Floyd-UTSPS blogmaster and Chapters Coordinator, I joined after retirement as a school librarian. I've always loved to write, mostly family histories but also free verse poetry since I was a teenager. Later, I would find poetry to be therapy for losses and strong emotions that I felt which led me to write a book entitled DISCOVER YOUR VOICE AFTER DIVORCE: A Writing Workbook for Healing and Recovery. 

Here's one of my poems from that book:
Writing is a healing art,
giving expression to inner longings,
unmet needs, hidden wounds,
dreams of soul and mind.
My small voice reaches out
courageously connecting with others.
Realizing the universality
of the human experience
made possible through written words
joined together in random patterns,
crafted with a desire to be known
to reveal the person hidden within.
For more info. on how to join, go to UTSPS website for application form, dues info, etc. See

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